1. What is the Glenwood? The Glenwood is a subsidized senior housing facility located in Leonia, NJ.

2. What are the income requirements for the Glenwood? They Change every year and are based on the number of occupants. Contact us for further information.

3. Can anyone apply for housing? All applicants must be 62 years or older.

4. Do Leonia residents get preference in housing?  For the first building there is preference for Leonia residents, but not for the new building.

5. Do I get a parking spot with my apartment?  Residents are allowed to park in the onsite parking lot, there are no assigned spaces.

6. How large are the apartments? They range from 450-625 square feet.

7. Are there other services for seniors at The Glenwood?  Most services are independently obtained (care givers, meals on wheels, housekeeping)

8. Is the Glenwood assisted living?No.

9. What is HUD? Housing and Urban Developement